Donghai County is well known as a producing crystal area in China. There are rich resources of natural crystal and high-quality quartz rock underground. Shihu Quartz Factory lies in the center of the quartz producing area and is close to the Longhai railway. The factory is 10 km far from the airport,8 km far from the railway station and 60 km far from Lianyungang seaport.
  Shihu Quartz Factory is a believable star enterprise of Jiangsu province and it is the export base of electric melting quartz sand and powder, pure quartz sand and powder, refined quartz sand and powder, common quartz sand, tiny silicon powder and other quartz products.
  The annual output of electric melting quartz sand and powder ranging from 0.005 to 10 mm is 8,000 tons, pure quartz sand and powder is 6,000 tons, refined quartz sand and powder is 20,000 tons, tiny crystallization silicon powder is 6,000 tons and tiny electric melting silicon powder is 2000 tons. The content of SiO2 is ranged from 99.6% to 99.99 % and the granularity of product can be produced as the request of the clients.
  After development of ten years, advanced technology and equipments have been used. The main equipments consist of electric melting quartz furnace, materials colliding machine, quartz grinding machine, granularity shaping machine, magnetism election machine, airflow disintegrator, impulse granularity classification machine and totally closed shaking and sieving machine. These equipments assure the good granularity and prevent the interposition of impurity in processing.
  The products are widely used in high-grade refractory materials, quartz glass products and electrical equipments. It is good materials of grinding wheel, porcelain enamel, cast steel, chemical industry and water filtration.
  The factory welcomes guests home and abroad and hope to establish long cooperation on the base of mutual benefit.


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