1.Common quartz sand and powder:
   The big grain is wrapped by yellow skin. Main compositions:SiO2≥99-99.5%, Fe2O3≤0.06-0.1%. Annual output is 50,000 tons.
  Granularity range:2-150 meshes (10-0.01mm). It can be produced as request.
   Main use:It is used in the industries such as green and black carbonization silicon, common glass products, porcelain enamel, cast steel, water filtration, alkali, chemical industry and sandblast.

2.Refined quartz sand:
   It is made from quartz rock after the procedure such as election, breaking up, removing iron by magnetism, washing by acid, drying and grinding and shaping. Main compositions:SiO2≥99.5-99.9%, Fe2O3≤0.01-0.05%. Its appearance is white crystal. The annual output is 20,000 tons.
  Granularity range:2-200 meshes (10-0.0075mm). It can be produced as request. It is white crystal.
  Main use:It is used in quartz melting, exact foundry, grinding wheel, high-grade glass and refractory materials. It is exported to Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

3.Melting quartz:
   It is made from refined quartz sand after high temperature melting, urgent cooling, breaking up and hand classification. Main compositions:SiO2≥99.9-99.98%, Fe2O3≤0.002%. The first grade products is transparent, some is fogged. It can be processed into sand and powder as request. The annual output is 8,000 tons.
   Granularity range:10-1mm, 1-0.5mm, 0.5-0.2mm, 0.2-0.1mm.The products are made by advanced technology and equipments such as materials colliding and striking machine, magnetism election machine, shaping machine, sieving machine, airflow disintegrator, shaking machine and classification machine. There is no impurity mixed and the component dose keeps unchangeable. The granularity can be adjusted as request.
   Main use:It is used in high-grade refractory  materials and electrical industry. It is exported to Japan, South Korea, USA and Europe.

4.Pure quartz sand and powder:
   It is made from natural crystal rock of one to four grade and natural quartz after election, breaking up, melting, subtly processing, removing iron by magnetism, water processing, drying and classification. The annual output is 6,000 tons.
  Granularity range:1-0.5mm,0.5-0.2mm,0.2-0.01mm,0.01-0.075mm, 45um. Main compositions:SiO2≥99.9-99.99%, Fe2O3≤5-100ppm.
  Main use:It is used in the industries such as refractory quartz glass tube, high-grade glass products, electrical equipments and optic fibre products.

5.Crystal silicon powder:
   It is made from good quartz rock by breaking, acid washing, gringding, pure water processing, drying, magnet collection, shaping and classification. It is of high purity and low conductance rate. Main compositions:SiO2≥99.5-99.9%, Fe2O3≤0.008-0.03%. The annual output is 6,000 tons.
  Granularity range:300 meshes, 400 meshes, 500 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes, 1000 meshes, 1250 meshes.
  Main use:It is used as insulation of normal high voltage electricity and in other industries such as epoxy resin plastic package, refractory materials, chemical industry, silicon and rubber.

6.Melting silicon powder:
   It is made from good electric melting quartz sand, broken by airflow disintegrator or vibration machine and processed by grade machine. Main compositions:SiO2≥99.8%-99.9%, Fe2O3≤0.005-0.01%. The product is of high purity and low expanding rate. The annual output is 5,000 tons.
  Granularity range:From 325 meshes to 3,000 meshes. It can be produced as request.
   Main use:It is used in plastic enveloping materials for GSI, epoxy resin casting materials, enveloping materials, silicon rubber and fireproof materials.

Electric quartz piece

Electric quartz(thick)

Electric quartz(thin)

Electric smelting quartz powder pasking inplastic

Electric smelting quartz powder packing in paper

Specification and Grain size Distribution

Distribution D50um
surface area cm2/g
Grain size

Refined quatz sand

High pure quartz sand

Refined quartz sand

High pure quartz sand

Crystal silicon powder